Questions People Ask About Dudu Osun

Dudu Osun African black soap is one of the most popular producers of  African black soap globally. It is Handmade from purely organic ingredients from the Savannah regions and tropical rain forest.  Dudu Osun contains no artificial colours or preservatives. It is formulated to cleanse, nourish, protect and revitalise the skin and works effectively in alleviating many skill ailments.
Want to know more about Dudu Osun Black Soap? Here are the answers to most commonly asked questions about this  African Black Soap.

Commonly Asked Questions About Dudu Osun

  • Where Is Dudu Osun Made

Dudu Osun black soap is manufactured in Nigeria by Tropical Naturals Limited, a manufacturing company that promotes the use of natural beauty products that are non-toxic, nourishing and repairing to all skin types. Dudu-Osun is primarily made from Camwood, a  tree found in West Africa
  •  Where Can I Find Dudu Osun 

Dudu Osun is sold across the world. It can be purchased online and in walk-in stores. To locate a Dudu Osun retail/wholesale seller near you, HERE is a list of stores in Nigeria. You can also find international distributors for Dudu Osun HERE. Dudu Osun Shea Butter is also available online.
  • How Do I Know Original Dudu Osun

It is important that you ensure you buy original Dudu Osun. CounterfeitCounterfiet products can cause uncertain negative effects on your skin. Original Dudu Osun soup is clearly marked out by the following features.
  1. The “I” in the “Tropical Naturals” logo written on soap’s packet is dotted with a leaf.
  2. The “O” the “Tropical Naturals” logo is represented by an orange sun with a palm tree within.
  3. Every soapbox has a leaf-shaped cut-out which lets you see the soap within. 
  • How is it Made

Dudu is made from harvesting the bark of Camwood tree. The bark is pounded and ground into a smooth powder form.  It is then made into a paste and added to a mixture made from aloe vera, lime juice, honey, etc.  This mixture is cooked and stirred until it solidifies before the soap is moulded to shape.
  • What Does Dudu Osun Contain?

Dudu Osun is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is formulated with natural components containing high-performing antioxidants, vitamins and essentials to give the skin maximum benefits.  Dudu Osun ingredients include camwoodpure honey, shea butter, palm kernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe vera, lime juice, water, fragrance.
  • How Do I Use Dudu Osun?

Rub Dudu Osun between your palms or on a soft sponge and massage gently into your skin for a few seconds. Avoid the lather getting your eye and do not leave the soap on your skin for too long. Rinse off with water.
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