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There is a misconception that people with darker skin do not get any skin issues. However, contrary to popular belief, people with darker skin tones deal with skin issues more commonly. This is because the melanin-producing cells that are contained in black skin may be more susceptible to the effects of inflammation, which may be more obvious in dark skin than in light skin. Some of these issues include hyperpigmentation, ashy-ness, and extreme skin sensitivity among others. This is why skincare is just as important for darker shades of skin.

Here are some great tips to follow to keep your skin’s awesome dark skin glow.


Protect Your Skin

For most people in this part of the world, sun damage is one of the biggest skin conditions that we face. Effects of sunburn can range from slight irritation and itchiness to full-on peeling off the skin. On the other hand, a lack of sun damage will keep your skin permanently dewy and supple-looking. The best way to protect your skin from sun damage is to use sunscreen; specifically one with SPF30 or above. The best thing about sunscreen is it not only protects your skin from sun damage but also has anti-aging effects and decreases the risks of skin cancer.

Moisturize Regularly

In darker-toned people, certain parts of the body are very prone to dryness. When the dark skin is dry, it looks ashy and somewhat pale. A great way to combat this is to moisturize as regularly as possible. This can be part of a skincare routine. This routine would involve cleaning first, then exfoliating, and then it’ll be finished off with the application of a moisturizing ointment or facemask. This routine is recommended for nighttime or days when there are no scheduled activities outside of your home.

Treat Skin Irritation Immediately

Since darker skin is more prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation, it is ideal to attend to irritation on your skin as soon as possible. Many dermatologists recommend swift and rigorous treatments for stuff like rashes and acne on darker skin tones. This is because failure to do so can result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So instead of absentmindedly picking at your pimples, treat them seriously with recommended ointments and procedures. This will help you escape dark spots or minor scarring and ensure the continued smoothness of your skin.

Vitamins are Important

There is nothing like a good dose of Vitamin C to give your skin a gentle boost of energy. According to expert medical aesthetician; Rachel Roff, topical vitamin C. ascorbic acid regulates your melanin. This means that even if you get an injury or excessive sun exposure, your skin is less likely to over-produce melanin as a response. Usually, this over-production is what leads to hyperpigmentation. So to maintain a bright, even-toned look for your skin, a regular dose of vitamin C will work wonders. You can also use ointments and serums with Vitamin C as the main ingredients on your skin.


When it comes to maintaining overall skin health and wellness, the benefits of water cannot be over-emphasized. Drinking lots of water reduces the number of toxins in your system, which helps to give your skin a healthy glow. Also, drinking water helps the body run optimally and it helps the skin get all the nutrients it needs through proper blood flow. Drinking lots of water helps you glow from the inside out.

Use Toner to Regulate Oily Skin

Just as dryness can be an issue, oily skin is also an issue with darker skin tones. This is specifically prominent in most people’s faces, in the areas around the nose and under the chin. Sometimes, your skin can be so oily that wearing makeup feels petrifying.

To reduce the struggle associated with an oily face, we recommend using a skin-clarifying toner. This toner will help to control oil and tighten pores, regulate excess sebum production and protect your skin from free radical damage. This will also help reduce that icky greasy feeling that comes with having oily skin.

Generally, having a good skincare routine can help keep your darker skin bright, supple, and clear. Added to this routine, adopting a healthy diet and avoiding the use of products that contain harsh chemicals will help you to continually maintain glowing, healthy skin all day every day!

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