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For the average person looking good is a major, and a large part of looking good is having great skin. Nowadays, great skin is that sweet spot where your skin can maintain a healthy glow with or without makeup. Achieving this glow may seem hard for many, but it is actually possible with a simple routine that covers how you take off your makeup and what you do after.

We have outlined four simple steps to carrying out the ideal post-makeup removal skincare routine.

Makeup Removal

Removal of the makeup itself is the first step in this routine. Makeup removal should be a gentle procedure, with special attention paid to core sensitive areas like the eye lids and the corners of the eyes. Proper removal should be done with actual makeup removal wipes instead of baby wipes, because contrary to popular belief, baby wipes cannot clean off makeup as well as makeup removal wipes will. This is because they are not made to clean up the special ingredients that makeup contains.

To make the removal process easier, you can use a cleanser to break down your make up first. Also, depending on your skin type or whether you use waterproof cosmetics, you can either choose to use an oil-based remover or not. Again, remember that makeup removal is a gentle process. So instead of rubbing hard on the face, gently swiping with the cleansing wipe/pad is recommended. Do not forget to clean your lips, hairline and the spots behind your ears and beneath your jaw.

Face Washing

After taking off your makeup, you can further reinforce the cleansing by washing your face. This is because your skin can be coated with more than just oil and dirt particles. If your skin has come in contact with pollutants during the day, it is ideal to wash them off for cleaner skin. Our all natural black soap is a great choice for this part of the routine, as it is filled with the best components to keep your skin completely fresh and free of any impurities.

Since washing is a good practice for every skin type, it is recommended to always do this as part of your makeup removal or night routine. If your skin is oily, your morning routine should also involve a face wash, to get rid of oil buildup and maintain freshness.

Drying your face should be done with either a paper towel or a soft cloth towel. At this point, be careful to not rub or scrub with the towel. Instead, pat gently until the towel soaks up all the liquid on your face.


Now that your skin is clean, you can hydrate it with any moisturizer or serums that you like to use. With these products as well, your skin type should be put into consideration. So for a follow-up step like applying moisturizer, you should pick either an oil-based or water-based moisturizer product based on your skin type. For moisturizing dry skin, you can leave your face a bit damp from washing so that your pores can lock in more moisture and give your skin the hydration it needs.

Follow Up

At this point, a gentle face massage will help relieve stiffness and increase the flow of blood in your face. This massage will also assist to relax your face muscles and give your face a wholesome look.

Although this is completely optional, you can follow up this step with any nourishing face mask of your choice. Now that your skin is clean and hydrated, and your pores are open, you can apply an anti-oxidant face mask for that extra protection. This will protect your skin from free radicals and give it that extra healthy glow.

Whatever your skin type, a makeup removal routine is a great way to ensure the continued healthiness of your skin. Of course, there are days of weakness or plain forgetfulness where we don’t carry out a routine of any sort, but those days should be as few and far in-between as possible.

Do you have a post makeup removal routine? What do you do after taking off your makeup? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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