Natural Shea Butter – Think about your skin

It’s not uncommon to see shoppers in supermarkets studying labels because most people don’t want to ingest toxins into the body. Knowing this, food companies will go to any length to stick words like “No artificial flavourings” and other such tags stressing that a product is kinder to our health because it’s natural. But when it comes to products we put on our skin, for the most part, people only seem to be preoccupied with fragrances and brand names.   While it might not seem so obvious, the skin remains not only the largest organ of the human body but also a surface capable of absorption. It is why certain medication like testosterone and nicotine patches are delivered via creams and patches. With this in mind, it is important that we start thinking about what we put on our skin the way we think about what we put into our bodies. With better understanding, the two are actually not so different.   Over time, many synthesized chemicals often used for colouring or fragrance act against the skin, causing loss of elasticity, the clogging of pores, and a host of general irritation problems, especially for people with sensitive skin. Natural soaps like Dudu Osun, the popular black soap brand, are widely available and affordable, making it convenient for anyone to switch to a healthier product rich in natural ingredients. Think shea butter for face and body moisturization, pure honey to soothe skin and preserve the product, aloe vera, lime juice and other such goodness packed into one bar.   If you have studied the science of attraction to some degree, you would find strong correlations between healthy looking skin and attractiveness because a clear skin indicates general well-being. At least that is how our brains have evolved to process such information. So, the next time you are at the store looking around the soap aisle, don’t forget that Dudu-Osun is the number one natural soap, tried and tested over many years with nothing but positive reviews.   And oh, why stop at the soap… they also manufacture natural Shea Butter for your skin and face and moisturizing lotion. All natural, all good for you.   
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