Dudu Osun Shea Butter – It’s Butter On Your Skin

What do black skin, chilli peppers and shea butter have in common?   It is interesting that native foods in regions with tropical weather are often heavy on chilli while cooler regions seem to be rather on the plain side. It is also interesting to note that tropical regions generally consist of people with melanated skin once you account for the odd conquest (America and Australia). Research has found chilli peppers to function as preservatives for food and melanin protection from sun rays associated with the tropical region. So what about shea butter?   Found predominantly in West Africa, but pretty much available in most tropical regions; the same convenience of nature that has ensured tropical regions have chilli pepper to preserve foods, and melanin for the harsh sun rays, has also given us shea butter. Shea butter is a product of a historical plant that traces so far back as a skin and hair product that the tree is considered sacred in some tribes and even Cleopatra of Egypt is said to have collected jars full for her own use. Before there were black people, nature already had plans for the skin under the sun, and this is what pepper, melanin and shea butter have in common. They are all defences against the harsh sun rays of tropical regions and they remain as useful to our well being now as they were then.    Long before the arrival of sun creams with their varying SF numbers, Africans had been protecting their skin from the rays and dryness with naturally occurring shea butter, so when Natural Tropicals, makers Dudu Osun and other natural skin care products decided to package something for skin protection, it was a no-brainer what to go with. As the saying goes; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Besides the obvious moisturizing and protective benefits from dryness, shea butter also provides a range of benefits like skin elasticity effects from vitamin E to reduce sagging skin, mild antimicrobial effects, stretch mark reduction, hair care...it might as well be a miracle plant.   Without the added preservatives, stabilizers, inorganic fragrance and other such synthetic additives used by many skin care products, Natural Tropical’s 100% unscented or scented shea butter products can be trusted to be what it says on the pack, and is prepared under monitored industrial processes to make sure not a single contaminant makes it to the shelf. If you want something natural and healthy for your skin, well, don’t take it from this article, just ask the history books.
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