Dudu-Osun Moisturizing Lotion comes perfect for oily skin

Dudu-Osun Moisturizing Lotion is one to definitely try as it delivers on promises of "Skin Smoothening and Softening".

This totally new product is great for oily skin and perfect for the Nigerian weather. It's that moisturizer you instantly feel working after using it for the very first time even if you apply as little as a peanut (or is it just me) and the fact that it's indigenous, huge plus for me.

I would easily call the lotion a sister to the raved black soap; Dudu-Osun, coming from the same 'Tropical Naturals' brand and consisting of only natural ingredients. As you can imagine, considering that over time the black soap (Dudu-Osun) had become a skincare favourite, I was excited to try the new moisturizer the moment I heard of it.

Presented in a light pink half hexagon inspired top, with the opening cap at the tail; the container comes with the opening upside down and is labeled as “Dudu-Osun Moisturizing Lotion Skin Smoothening & Softening with Shea Butter and Camwood.”

On first use, the lotion delivers as a moisturizing lotion i.e it's not greasy at all, the body absorbs the product seamlessly and it doesn’t clog your pores (non-comedogenic). It is light and absorbent, leaving the area visibly moisturized but not dry or greasy/messy in any way.

It's also specially formulated with the famous Shea Butter and Camwood duo known for antibacterial/healing while helping keep skin radiant and supple. After only a few weeks of using it, I can definitely say I have experienced all of that.

I'm a bit unsure about how the bottle is presented, I like the idea of a playful presentation but leaving the head as 'the stand' causes the product to concentrate at the opening. When the cap is lifted to get out product, sometimes you may end up with much more than you want which can make you feel wasteful.

Occasionally, I find myself moisturizing my hands especially over the course of the day (I hate the feeling of dry fingers!) but in all, it's an exciting product and one excellent for oily skin especially in this neck of the woods where humidity reigns supreme.

The Pros
  • Shea Butter and Camwood - keeping skin smooth and soft without chemicals
  • Works perfect for oily skin without leaving oily residue or a greasy feeling
  • Non-comedogenic - It leaves the skin totally breathable and doesn't block pores
  • Super light and absorbent
  • Slightly perfumed to tickle the senses - it's just enough and not overwhelming (though some people might think otherwise)
  • Perfect for Nigerian weather and oily skin

The Cons
  • The unconventional bottle is a NO for me as it's not that handy and wastes product most times. Apart from that, it's a great moisturizer.
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